Betty Crocker® Cereal Muffin Mixes Review And ~~Giveaway~~

Whether your family is gathering round the table for breakfast or even just grabbing a snack on-the-go, fresh Betty Crocker Cereal Muffin Mixes will offer a tasty and convenient way to jumpstart your day. Can’t get enough of those mouthwatering muffins? It’s possible to see to obtain a printable coupon for $.80 off a single bundle of any selection of Cereal Muffin Mix.

Muffins are all yummy. Cereal is yummy. Mix them together, YUMMY!!
We had been shipped Betty Crocker’s brand new Reese’s Puffs. Cocoa Puffs and Cinnamon Toast Crunch Muffin Mix (and various other goodies.)

We had a great deal of fun eating and making the muffins.

Our favourite muffin was that the Cinnamon Toast Crunch. It had just the ideal amount of cinnamon and pinch to it!! lol. It tastes the same as the cereal!!
The Reese’s Puffs were great, however to me that they had more peanut butter taste to them.
The Cocoa Puffs are filled with chocolate goodness. These will be the perfect treat when you want that chocolate fix!!
How would you prefer to try out the brand new muffins?? I can’t allow you to have some of ours (they’re gone!!) but I could share with you exactly the identical bundle of goodies I have thanks to Betty Crocker and MyBlogSpark.

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